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  1. Naming
  In China it is a necessity to have a memorable, meaningful & easily pronounceable name as major brand asset. This is why most branding strategies often start with naming as the number one priority. A foreign name adapted into Chinese takes the art of naming into another stratospheric level of complexities. Each Chinese characters de-multiply the possibilities of meaning & references. Our thorough & extensive process will provide you with the best possible research report including detailed & clear commentaries on how each names would be perceived by various type of audiences. We are pro-actively pre-select only names that have the best chance to be registered in China. Once the name has been selected, we can introduce you to effective English speaking law offices specialized in name registration & protection in China.
  2. Brand Strategy in China
  YBS's consultants have developed several market tested, approaches & systems. Many brands designed & developed by us are now considered "cultural icons" of the Chinese market (Zhen Kungfu, Wincon, Povos, etc.). No one else knows better the Chinese brandscape than us, because we have, for the most part, be instrumental in creating it. Open a Chinese newspaper, see a billboard on the street of Beijing, Check some products in a supermarket anywhere in China, chances are, the name or the logo you see has been designed & created by us. A logo or a name did not get there all by itself. Our expert strategic programs made that happen.

  3. Logo Design
  While we consider a logo to be one important element of a brand, the Chinese public tend to know us mostly from that angle because so many of our logos are now the symbol of so many major Chinese corporations. Our logo design reputation is probably well deserved & we appreciate each award we have received for it. Our logos are effective because there are much more than beautiful colors & elegant shape behind them. They always have an emotional meaning which resonate deeply in the heart of a Chinese audience. When we present different prototype of logos, we show you how the logo will "live" in various environment. Final selection becomes vividly clear.
  4. Visual Identity System
  YBS is a great company in China with a dedicated visual identity development team. More than 50 individuals work simultaneously on creating detailed, accurate & powerful documents, both online & offline, to achieve complete brand consistency across all large scale communication media & medium of complex corporations such as Zhen Kungfu, Wincon, Povos. We place great emphasis on clarity & easy to follow guidelines helping the entire managerial process. Each guideline sections are developed under a rigorous design, research & testing checklist we call the "YBS's depth". Ergonomics, habits & behaviors are extensively tested. Smooth implementation is the goal. We work with world-leading suppliers to achieve this goal.
  5. Advertising & PR
  Our department "YBSMedia" is a powerful creative & trend literate team capable to plan, design, promote & implement print ads, packaging & promotional events to successfully launch new brands across Chinese popular media.
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