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Johnson & Johnson was established in 1886.It is the world's large-scale, diversification of products and consumer health care products, health care products company.It also is China's largest foreign Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. As an international large-scale enterprises in the world, Johnson & Johnson have established more than 230 branches in 57 countries, with 110,006 thousand employees.Its product sales in 175 countries and regions. Owns Johnson's Baby, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Carefree, Bondi, Miconazole, Tylenol, and many other well-known brands.
As a new product of Johnson&Johnson, the awareness of colored contact lenses were not high in the Chinese market.In order to improve its communication effect, Johnson&Johnson sought help from YBS Consulting to name the brand in Chinese.
The group of YBS Consulting has taken geomancy for Johnson&Johnson (China) Investment Ltd..And according to the different series of colored contact lenses, YBS Consulting named differently as ¡°xuanshan¡± ¡°yanyan¡± ¡°aishan¡±.

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