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Cisco Systems, Inc., Referred to Cisco or Cisco, formally established in December 1984, is the leading provider of Internet solutions. Their equipment and software products are mainly used to connect a computer network system, headquartered in California, United States Jose. Cisco Systems has more than 35,000 employees around the world, "Fortune" 2008 Top Cisco highly profitable technology companies located 3 (sales revenue $ 39.5 billion), in 2009 the U.S. "Fortune" 500 ranked No. 57.
Both Cisco and Tsinghua Tongfang are the world¡¯s leading technology companies. For the sake of infiltrating the market of e-books, Cisco teamed up with Tsinghua Tongfang developed a series of e-books, including multi-language translation and reading e-books.
Upon depth market research, YBS Consulting finally gave those e-books a name, ¡°yiquanqiu¡± the meaning of translating everything can be translated worldwide.

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