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Kraft &Powercon

 KRAFTELEKTRONIK AB was founded in 1935. For decades ,it has been committing to the power development, and manufacturing of electronic products and services in high voltage, high current, and power protection systems users. July 2005 invested in Kraft (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. Company switching power supply applications in the metal plating industry anodizing (Sweden Regal Volvo airlines), hard chrome plating (Germany BMW BMW cars), copper (Finland Outokumpu), electronic components (National Semiconductor National Semiconductors), printed circuit board (Motorola Motorola, Sweden, Ericsson Ericsson, China SYE, Guangzhou and Zhongshan-Asia, Shenzhen Topsearch, Shennan Circuits, Hepudiod, Hunan and Sichuan-dimensional ultrasound with. Taiwan South Asia, China Tong) and other famous vendor. It sales more than 5,000 rectifier in China.
KRAFTELEKTRONIK AB, the same with Powercon, is a franchise of high-voltage electrical components and systems engineering multinational.In order to conduct business better in China, both companies set up a new joint venture company on the basis of sharing resources. Therefore, two companies asked YBS Consulting to help them name the new company.
YBS Consulting drew a scheme that Kuapu Electric (China) Co., a name combined with Chinese culture and the technological characteristics of high-voltage electrical.

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