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 Ssangyong conglomerate conglomerate ranked sixth in South Korea. In 1991, the total turnover  and net profit amounted to more than 25,328.19 billion won for the 13,014,400,000 won. Currently, it has become a center for cement production series of 14 companies, 48 overseas branches, five overseas subsidiaries, 4 Cultural Foundation and the Institute conglomerates.
SSANG YONG Motor Company subsidiary of South Korea's Ssangyong Group, founded in 1954, is a four-wheel drive car-based manufacturing and production of large passenger cars, vehicles, auto engines and spare parts for famous car manufacturers.
Ssangyong is later to enter the Chinese market of foreign auto brand. In recent years, SUV products are very popular with Chinese consumers who prefer domineering SUV cars and brand names. Thus, Ssangyong required a name to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.
¡°Manglong¡± combined Ssangyong¡¯s parent brand culture and Chinese culture. The group of YBS Consulting accomplished the case perfectly.

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