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 Fiberweb Group is a UK listed companies (LSE: FWEB), one of the largest international group of the global non-woven materials industry. Using a variety of materials, it provides the market with the most extensive modernization of non-woven products, from spunbond, meltblown, wet France into the net, and spunlace nonwoven carding, from fine to coarse even with multiple fiber sizes mixed multilayer composite nonwoven fiber .Its products are widely used in health, medical and industrial fields, with operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Fiberweb (China) Expanded Core Material Co.,Ltd., a British-owned enterprise with a total investment of 68 million dollars, was founded in Tianjing Development Zone, 1999. In 2006, Fiberweb Group capital increase of fourteen million dollars built a second production line in the development zone, which will become the largest of independent designing, installing, premium quality airlaid production line. YBS Consulting provided naming services for the new company of Fiberweb.
YBS Consulting crested the name of ¡°zhisuojingwei¡± for Fiberweb (China) Expanded Core Material Co.,Ltd.

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