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Accurate Prod Inc


Accurate Products is a leading rubber products manufacturer in the Midwest. It started more than 65 years ago as a rubber products manufacturer, serving both the industrial distribution business as well as O.E.M. markets. They  carry all your molded rubber products; extruded rubber parts, rubber grommets, rubber bumpers, protective products, rubber stoppers, vinyl caps, and o-rings. They can provide short & long term production runs, prototyping, inventory management, and JIT shipping.
¡¡¡¡Accurate Prod Inc. intends to set up a new company in Shanghai.In order to infiltrate the Chinese local markets, a name with good moral and Chinese culture is necessary to register in China. Through continuous screening, YBS Consulting was honored to be chosen to name the company.
¡¡¡¡Working together day and night, the group of YBS Consulting finally named the company ¡°Jingxin¡± to stress the highly credit of Accurate Prod Inc.

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