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Founded in 1969, Arix is an Italian cleaning supplies company which is committed to improve people's quality of life by household cleaning. Arix designs, develops, produces and commercialize products and tools for household and car cleaning, items for personal care and hygiene, tools for professional cleaning.The use of innovative technologies and the know-how coming from important partnerships with important cellulose producers allowed Arix to develop and offer a wide range of products.
¡¡¡¡Due to the market expanding in China, Arix.S.P.A prepares to set up a new company in Shanghai, China's largest industrial and commercial city and the famous international city. Shanghai Arix Far East Daily Products Co., Ltd requsted YBS Consulting to compose a Chinese name for the company.
¡¡¡¡YBS Consulting provided several plannings to Arix.S.P.A and at last, it selected ¡°Anluoxing¡± as its company name.

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