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Dorco - Korea DORCO Corporation registered brand in China, is a global leader in precision tool company, Dorco founded in 1955 in Seoul, Korea. Dorco Corporation is Korea's largest manufacturer of razor. Dorco razor manufacturing company in the field of maintaining international leader. Its razor four consecutive years was named the razor Korea KBPI class brand.
¡¡¡¡In the eyes of Dorco,as one of the fastest global economic growing areas, China is the most growth potential as the future markets and the important areas of global strategic layout. In February 2006, aiming to Chinese domestic markets, Dorco set up production bases in Ningbo. At present, Dorco is willing to establish a headquarters in Shanghai. By surfing on the Internet, Dorco found out our YBS Consulting and we have the agreement.
¡¡¡¡YBS Consulting named the company ¡°Duoruichi¡±,combined with the characteristics of the knife.

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