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Taihan Textile


Taihan Textile Co.,Ltd.,one of Korea's largest printing and dyeing ,was founded in August 1953, which is dedicated to producing dyeing and printing, weaving and spinning of textile companies. In Daqiu and Quanzhou, there are two large statewide textile production and processing base. In Shandong Province, Jimo, it established Tai Yuen Textile Co., Ltd. And it also established Taihan Printing & Dyeing Co., Qingdao Lacey.
¡¡¡¡In need of developing globalization, Taihan Textile Co.,Ltd. attended to set up a company in Shanghai. In order to name the company, Taihan Textile found our YBS Consulting through the Internet and then we signed an agreement.
¡¡¡¡Finally, Taihan Textile got a name ¡°Da Han Zhizao¡± with the meaning of the highest level of Korean textile, for there is a Jiangnan Zhizao Bureau specializing in the Royal Textile Products in the Qing Dynasty as the symble of superb technical.

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