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Porsche is a German car brand, founder Ferdinand Porsche. It is a world famous luxury sports cars and off-road sports car brand. Porsche enters China in 2001, including the legendary 911 sports car, renowned Boxster and mid-engine sports car Cayman, luxury SUV leader Cayenne and four GT coupe Panamera. It brings the Porsche sports experience and innovative spirit to Chinese riders who love challenges and seek perfection.
¡¡¡¡There is a large amount of people especially successful ones believing that Feng Shui can pursue good fortune and avoid disaster as well as good finances. Going with the tide of Feng Shui, Shanghai Lie Bin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. undertook a Feng Shui lecture for Porsche. After searching carefully, the company have the agreement with YBS Consulting at last.
¡¡¡¡Ph.D Dunn gave a two-hour lecture about Feng Shui Five Elements and some other Feng Shui knowledges as well. And the lecture received warm responses from the people on the scene.

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