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Milcobel's main objective as cooperative of dairy farmers is to buy, transport and develop activities that guarantee steady sales and a fair price for the milk produced at their farms. This is why Milcobel is organised as a holding, which besides being the buyer and collector of milk, is also the sole shareholder of the four subsidiaries with each a specific dairy activity.They have 3300 members / farmers, more than 1,900 employees, processing and sales of 1.1 billion liters of milk, andthe turnover more than 800 million euros (2011).
¡¡¡¡Milcobel is a large company with lots of milk powder brands. For the sake of promoting sales in Chinese domestic markets, some Chinese names are needed for those milk powder brands. Person in charge sought help from YBS Consulting and both have the agreement to name True Life and New Zealand Baby.
¡¡¡¡The group of YBS Consulting provided several proposals for Milcobel to choose which combine with transliteration and the advantages of those milk powder brands.

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