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Cotton Connect

 CottonConnect is born from commercial need and it has years of experience in developing sustainable supply chains. We were created in 2009 by a unique collaboration between C&A, Textile Exchange and Shell Foundation.
Their aim is to deliver a market-driven approach that provides opportunities for retailers and brands, as well as farmers, to simultaneously expand economic opportunity, reduce poverty and protect the environment.
CottonConnect has teams in South Asia and China, with farm and value chain management expertise and an extensive on the ground network, and a team in Europe, with skills and experience in fashion, design, conservation and brand management.
¡¡In order to adapt localization in China, Cotton Connect China Limited attended to register the company in Chinese. Surfing from the Internet, Cotton Connect China Limited learned that YBS Consulting is a professional naming company and then both have the agreement.
¡¡¡¡YBS Consulting named the Cotton Connect China Limited and ¡°Reel Cotton¡± in Chinese which can reflect features of their products.

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