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 Lactalis is a family-owned dairy group based in Laval (Mayenne), in the west of France.
In 1933, André Besnier started up his cheese-making company. On the first day he collected 17 litres of milk and produced 35 camemberts: the Besnier company was in business. Since then, the group, which adopted the more international name of Lactalis in 1999, has continued to expand rapidly.
  Picot is an infant milk powder brand under Lactalis which ranks in the top ten global dairy. And now Picot needed a Chinese name to publicize in China. As previous experience of the two companies’ cooperation, Picot and YBS Consulting developed the cooperative relationship again.
  Adhering to the spirit of professional services, the team of YBS Consulting gave the plan after deep researching and diacussing over and over again.

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