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Fikszo a large door industry in the Netherlands has a number of branches in China. Fikszo Door Co., Ltd., located in international economic metropolis - Shanghai, is a collection development, production, sales and service as one of the industrial enterprises. To meet the high-end consumer demand, adapt to fine decoration trends, the company introduced in Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan imported equipment and advanced technology, and co-operated with Netherlands Fikszo Corporation, through senior designers at home and abroad for many years the tendency force dedication, the subtle oriental culture and Western culture Shen grabbing elegant and easy collusion in which to design a set of really suitable for the user's safety, aesthetics, fire, theft in one of a series of high-end eco entrance doors and interior doors, products include craft wood armored doors, aluminum panels carved doors, stainless steel gates, wrought stainless artistic doors, interior doors, five series ecology.
¡¡¡¡Fikszo a large door industry company in the Netherlands attended to set up a company in Shanghai. There was a problem that the new company had no Chinese name. To deal with it, Shanghai Fikszo Co. sougth help from YBS Consulting.
¡¡¡¡YBS Consulting came up with a name ¡°Feigeshubaili¡± which combines the original name ¡°Fikszo¡± and Chinese culture.

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