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 AHT Cooling Systems GmbH is a young growing foreign company with the Head Quarter in Austria. AHT Cooling Systems GmbH is active in both branches of industrial refrigeration and deep freezing, while its main areas of business are fridges and deep freezes for supermarkets, ice cream freezers and drink cooling.The area of refrigeration and deep freezers for supermarkets basically involves plug-in refrigeration and freezer systems and constitutes approximately 62% of the total turnover. AHT is among the leading global manufacturers in this sector.As AHT takes quality seriously, a quality management system has been introduced, conforming to ISO 9001 as well as an environment management system to comply with ISO 14001. This ensures that customers can rely on the rigid quality standards and that the company can meet the high quality expectations of the AHT brand. Innovative ideas have given rise to solutions which have been adapted to people¡¯s needs.
¡¡¡¡For the sake of developing better, AHT Cooling Systems GmbH was going to set up a company in Shanghai. In order to registered trademarks in China, AHT asked YBS Consulting for help to name the company.
¡¡¡¡Considering product features and industry characteristics, the solution YBS Consulting composed specially reflected the sence of technology and quality.

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