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¡¡¡¡Founder&President of YBS, a disciple of Master Zhang Jiyu who is an NPC Standing Committee, Executive vice president of the China Taoist Association . Mr.Dunn focuses on New Sinology, especially emphasises operability of Fengshui. Ph.d.Dunn founded YBS in 2005, his aim remains "the new world, the new Fengshui." His clients includs Greenland Estate, HSBC, Das Auto, Alibaba, Gemdale Estate, Merchants Holdings, Cisco, Forte Group, Jielong Group, Kaisa Group, etc.



¡¡¡¡Director of brand planning . Under the tutelage of Professor Ma Zhonghong , the director of Advertising Institute of Phoenix Communication College,Soochow University, who got a master's degree, Joule has a sound media theory basis and good perspective, familiar with contemporary communicating theories&thoughts, western press theories&thoughts, media culture study, editing&publishing study, principles of advertising, brand communicating planning, visual arts, TV production, modern communication technologies etc., He has a piece of works:Research on Youth Subcultures and the Pepsi Brand Communication

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